samedi 18 mars 2017

Louis Favre et Emile Tizané - 2 publications dans le Journal of Scientific Exploration

Le volume 31(1) du Journal of Scientific Exploration, publication de la Society for Scientific Exploration, fait paraître deux de mes travaux.

Le premier est un article (déjà paru en allemand sous une forme similaire grâce à Gerd Hövelmann) sur le psychologue Louis Favre.

Evrard, R. (2017). Anomalous phenomena and the scientific mind: Some insights from “psychologist” Louis Favre (1868-1938?). Journal of Scientific Exploration, 31(1), 71-83.

At the turn of twentieth century, in France, psychical research wasn’t fully separate from psychology. The Institut Général Psychologique (IGP) was created in 1900 as an attempt to integrate the scientific study of anomalous phenomena into modern science. One forgotten actor in this society was “psychologist” Louis Favre, a polymath researcher with a passion for scientific methodology and the “scientific mind.” He developed a pioneering experiment on the influence of magnetic passes on plants and microbes, with a control group. He also participated in IGP’s 3-year study of physical medium Eusapia Palladino, from which he made general suggestions for the study of anomalous phenomena. Later in life he classified this study as at the forefront of scientific dynamics, naming this field “Anomalialogy of phenomena.” According to him, this field is highly compatible with the scientific method, and may even be the best place to train our “scientific mind.” 

Keywords: history of parapsychology—Louis Favre—Eusapia Palladino—anomalistics—Institut Général Psychologique (IGP)

Le second est une recension du dernier livre de Philippe Baudouin.

Evrard, R. (2017). Review of Les forces de l’ordre invisible. Émile Tizané (1901-1982), un gendarme sur les territoires de la hantise by Philippe Baudouin. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 31(1), 114-121.

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